David Ernesto Vendrell is a senior Cinema and Media Arts major at southern California’s Biola University, hailing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He has written, directed and edited various award-winning short films, such as Child of War and .COMmunication, and continues to direct and produce short films, commercials and music videos.

David has spent the past four years interning around Hollywood at companies such as Paramount Pictures, Heyday Films and OddLot Entertainment, gaining valuable insights in both development and production in film, television and digital entertainment.

On the features side, David has written the coming-of-age caper, A Convenient Crime, and the adventure-comedy, Manly Guys Club. Currently, he is in development on several other projects ranging from sci-fi, comedy and horror.

David is co-producing two short films — Teddy Bears are for Lovers and A Convenient Crime — from scripts he wrote.

At Biola, David acts as the Arts & Entertainment Staff Writer for the collegiate paper, The Chimes. He tries not to stir up too much controversy reviewing movies and music, while sharing opinions about culture and entertainment at large.

When not making films, David somehow watches more movies (anything from Spielberg or Cameron Crowe), reads good books (and maybe some bad ones) and travels the world (money permitting).

You can also follow David on Twitter at @vendrell_david and Instagram at @dvendrell.

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