A Different Perspective

My name is David Vendrell, and this is my website. I know, this is a groundbreaking feat, attempted by very few wannabe-pundits of my generation. Prepare for an experience like none other. We’re setting sail for new lands here.

But in all seriousness, I’ve enjoyed my time writing for Biola University’s The Chimes, and garnered a little following that shares similar thoughts and opinions about movies, music, literature and culture at large. So, I thought I would continue my quest for what I will call A Different Perspective.

And what is this perspective? Engaging arts and entertainment from the Mere Christian worldview (thanks, C.S.) — focusing on the moral imagination, redemption, cultural engagement, aesthetics and the Big Ideas that make us human. I’ll be reviewing the latest movies, albums and books, while crafting some longer features that hone in on bigger themes or topics worth investigating. Everything from Aquinas to Spielberg to Kendrick Lamar.

I will also be posting original works of my own, from short stories, films, music videos, commercials and a little poetry. And since this is a blog, I’ll be keeping you updated on several projects I’m working on right now — everything from scripts, books, films and much more. I hope you’ll tune in!

Most importantly, I want to start conversation, so please comment or email me. It’s my hope we can then take these discussions offline — promoting cultural engagement, higher thinking and creativity wherever we go.

Time to cast off. We have a lot to explore.

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